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Who are Wuni Bio-farms?

At WUNI-BIO FARMS LTD we are passionate about sustainable and responsible animal farming and agriculture. With years of experience in the industry, we have become a leading name in artificial insemination, livestock breeding, poultry farming, hatching, and organic fruit and vegetable growing in the country. 

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Where is Wuni Bio-Farms located?

Wuni Bio-farms is currently located in Ghana in the Savannah region of the country.

Why it means to be bio-farm?

Biological farming is a chemical free method of farming that focuses on improving the microbiology as a way of increasing plant growth and produce yield. Biological farming includes (but is not limited to): organic farming. biodynamic farming. sustainable agriculture.

What is the difference between bio farming and organic farming?

As a rule, both bio-dynamic and organic farmers will only feed their animals certified bio-dynamic/organic feed, respectively. However, in organic farming, any amount of organic feed may come from outside of the farm.

How is organic farming better than other conventional farming?

Bio-farming is better than conventional farming, because it limits the use of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides and genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

Conventional farming heavily relies on these toxic chemicals to grow crops.

But they often pollute our air, ground and water, posing a danger to both humans and animals.

Bio-farming uses natural methods, like companion planting and compost, to control pests and promote growth.

These natural methods are better for the environment, because they don’t result in polluting the natural ecosystems near the farm.

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